Dev Updates: New Quests, Points of Interests, Secrets, and New Items

February 01, 2019 willsterling23 2 Comments

Howdy everyone!

Over the last couple of weeks we've started to turn our focus into adding content to the world and the systems required to make that as efficient as possible. Our main focus in the beginning was getting most of the environmental details of the world built, as well as most underlying mechanics needed to play the game. Now that we've completed most of that, we are starting to add fun stuff to actually do in the world!

Obviously we don't want to show you everything as we want you to explore for yourself, but here's a quick look at just some of the content we've been adding.


The general gameplay loop of Wild West and Wizards will be exploring, discovering new places, fighting enemies, and getting new loot and leveling up your character. A big part of that process is having quests and things to do. So we've started working on small questlines to give you some sense of objective in the world. One of our goals with quests is to have a lot of unique quests that don't always end the way you think they will. While some quests will require you to obtain items for someone, we want to generally avoid repetitive fetch quests. 

Over the past couple of weeks we've implemented numerous new quests that you'll discover along your adventure. Most of these are optional but will reward you if you decide to follow down that path. 

Points of Interest

A big part of world design is adding in fun and interesting points of interest. We've got a vast world for you to explore and so we want it to be full of unique and rewarding places. We are focused primarily at the moment on fleshing out the desert zone and adding enemy camps, houses, churches, cabins, caves, and more for you to discover. These points of interest will usually contain some kind of quest, lore, mini-challenge, or something relevant for the player to do. Some are small pieces of content while others are more involved and might lead to a long quest line. 


As we talked about earlier, there will be a lot of points of interest for you to discover throughout your adventure. A lot of these places will contain secrets. Some will be easy to find, but some will be very difficult and as such, rewarding. When you are exploring, we want you to really look in every nook and cranny to make sure you've found everything. You never know when a secret key might be laying around or a safe hidden in the wall. 

New Items

We've also started working on adding new items such as weapons and armor for you to loot. This part of the process will be pretty involved as it will require constant balancing and reiteration to get everything right. Items have level requirements and so we have to do a lot of balancing between giving the player content they can use, and also keeping challenging content rewarding. Overall this process is going well and we're excited to add tons of fun loot to the world! 

Thanks for reading and as always we would love to hear your feedback!