A First Look At Wild West and Wizards!

September 13, 2018 willsterling23 2 Comments

Hey everyone!

We are excited to finally announce our upcoming project, Wild West and Wizards! We started working on the game early this year and have really tried to get some of the foundation work done before announcing it. We still have a lot of work and content to add and don’t have a release time yet. However, we wanted to include the community on the development of the game so you can see what’s going on behind the scenes and give us your feedback!

We firmly believe games are made better by getting feedback from the community and so we want to do that every step of the way.

If you'd like to see some exploration gameplay, you can check that out here!

What is Wild West and Wizards? 

Well, put simply it’s an open world western rpg that lets you use spells in addition to being a gunslinger. We’ve always liked the idea of taking traditional fantasy rpg elements and putting them in non-traditional settings. We’ve already done a lot of work so far getting the combat system set up to handle and guns and spells and I’ve gotta say, it feels pretty good! We can’t wait to show you more of the combat as we get it a bit more polished. In addition to the magic element, the game will heavily focus around exploring the world, gathering quests, fighting enemies, getting loot, and leveling up your character. We are building this world by hand so we can create an exciting and dangerous open world to explore!

What are we currently working on? 

Over the past few months we’ve been working hard to get a lot of the core content in the game. We’ve got the basics of a lot of systems in including combat, settlements, dialogue systems, npc pathfinding, world building, day/night cycle, and a lot of behind the scenes systems. Right now we are heavily in the process of building the world and placing things for the player to discover throughout the wild west. We are also working on tailoring the player experience and adding in mechanics needed to explore the desert.

What features are planned? 

We’ve got a lot of features planned for the game but we want to be conservative and limit our scope. Our main focus is to get the core elements in and fully polished. Some features we still need to implement include a traveling system, quest system, fully polishing combat, talents and leveling, and other things. The best place to keep track of what we’re working on week by week is here on our development blog.

We are really excited for this project and hope you are too!

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  1. Immediately love the concept, and the graphics make me want to go a-wandering in this sandy expanse. Looking forward to seeing this develop!

    1. Thank you! We're excited to be developing this game and will be trying to update the dev blog at least every couple weeks with more info!