Dev Update: Improved UI, Performance, Volumetric Lighting, and More!

Interface Updates

A large focus of this update was to upgrade the look of the interface. Most placeholder interface elements have been replaced. There are still a few elements which still need to be udpated such as the stat bars for instance, so look for that to come later.

Performance Improvements

We have made some changes that will improve performance for some players, especially those who are CPU bound. The day/night cycle in particular was a source of a lot of CPU overhead. Instead of updating the sun and moon positions every frame, we now keep up with what time it should be internally, but update it visually only at strategic times, such as when you are going through a door or teleport. This will hopefully improve frame rate overall.

Volumetric Lighting

We have added volumetric lighting to the world, which adds a slight fog to the distance, and adds sunshafts. We think it especially improves the look of night-time. This can be disabled in the in-game options if you prefer it the old way.


While a large part of this update was focused on interface, performance, and graphics, we also added in a couple of new quests and points of interest to further progress on our mission to pack the world full.

Patch Notes

  • Performance improvements.
  • Updated much of the user interface.
  • Removed the additional keybinding (I) for opening your inventory.
  • You can now rest for certain numbers of hours in beds.
  • You are now healed by resting in beds or sleeping bags.
  • Made jumping a little easier.
  • Weapons are no longer holstered by default when you equip one.
  • Added tips that pop up near the beginning that teach some basics of the game.
  • Fixed loading screen fading before the world fully loaded.
  • Added tips to loading screen.
  • Adjusted the revolver held position.
  • Added volumetric lighting. This can be turned off in the options.
  • Implemented a couple of new quests.
  • Fixed an issue with the Statue of Selena respawning after being looted.
  • Epic weapons now sell for more gold.
  • The chest in the ruins graveyard shed now is a safe more level appropriate items.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get through the Brinwall Hollow gate without a key.
  • You can no longer fall through the world when entering Ryan's cellar.
  • You can no longer interact with the blank scrolls on bounty boards.
  • Fixed an issue with the cemetery fencing near Sureshot's Retreat not having colliders.
  • Fixed some visuals with the fencing around the Chapel of the Righteous.
  • Fixed an issue with one of the buried statues not having a collider.
  • Fixed an issue with some abandoned cabins not having wall colliders.
  • Fixed some visual issues in Scarlett's Estate.
  • Fixed visual issues with some bandit camps in the desert.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Fixed some bugs with the "Witch's Brew" quest.
  • Fixed bug where some enemies would not change levels in the Yonder.
  • Hitting the holster weapon hotkey will now toggle your weapon's holstered state.
  • Fixed bug where holstering your weapon while you only had one equipped would keep you from pulling it back out.
  • Increased the value on tier1 upgrade orbs.
  • Moved the starting location outside of edge shack.
  • Slightly increased the chance of weapon chest key fragments to drop.
  • Fixed some issues where you sometimes couldn't read the books in the "My Precious" quest.
  • Fixed description on health potions.
  • Fixed not being able to click the buttons on the bottom right of the screen very well.
  • Opening the map now defaults to the teleport rune map.
  • Removed screenshots from feedback reports to make them a little faster.
  • Fixed a bug where volume settings wouldn't save correctly.
  • New characters start with more bullets.
  • Increased the duration of ice armor and cloak of flames.

Wild West and Wizards Early Access Launch

Howdy everyone!

We are so excited to be releasing this game for you all and can’t wait for you to start your journey. 

Here’s a quick link to our launch trailer if you’d like to see what the gameplay is all about. 

A Look At What’s To Come

As you start your adventure in the wild west you’ll be set free to explore at your own pace and discover the world of outlaws and wizards. There are three huge zones for you to explore: the desert, plains, and the forest. Each zone has quests, tons of points of interests, loot, puzzles, and secrets to discover. Here’s a look at just some of the content we plan on adding during the early access period. 

- More player classes and abilities
- More enemy types and AI improvements
- Additional end-game content with a quest line, multiple new dungeons, and bosses
- More clothing models and other visual assets
- More quests and points of interests to discover
- Bug fixes and polishing

Current Features

Cast Your Spells - Learn new abilities, cast an array of unique spells, and become the most powerful wizard in the west.

Discover the World - Explore a vast re-imagined wild west with over a hundred points of interests including homes, settlements, bandit camps, churches, cemeteries, caves, and more! All filled with quests, secrets, and puzzles.

Shoot and Loot - Loot tons of rare armor, weapons, and gold earning your fortune as you fight bosses, find secret treasure chests, and complete quests.

Customize Your Character - Level up your character and unlock new talents unique to your chosen class.

Stop by the Saloon - Discover towns and settlements filled with people, quests, and unique items to buy.

Also, don't forget to join our communities and let us know your feedback! Thanks for reading!

Dev Update: Character Avatar, New Abilities, End Game, and More!

Hey everyone!

It's been a busy but great few weeks here at Lavaboots. We've ran a small closed beta which has helped us balance the game and fix a ton of bugs, making the game much more polished for early access launch (coming very soon by the way.) We've also been implementing a lot of new quality of life changes, new content, and a slew of other new things.

Here's a quick look at just some of the content we've been working on recently.

Character Avatar

We love loot as much as the next person, but it just feels special to be able to see that loot on your character. That's why we implemented a system where you can see your character in your inventory and most of the equipment you have as well. We've also implemented a character creation system where you can do some small customization with your character's appearance before starting a new character. This change has really helped hone in on the RPG feel of the game and we're very excited to have it in. 

New Abilities

We knew before launch we needed more spells in the game and so recently we started working on implementing some. While we've still got more to go, we feel like we now have a decent base and variety of spells to earn throughout the game that will make you think about your playstyle. We've got multiple new damage spells such as fire bolt, orb of poison, or fire zone if you're into area-of-effect abilities. We've also added lots of new buff spells so you can buff certain stats before going into battle. 

As I said we've still got a lot more abilities we want to add and will continue to implement them as the game develops. 

End Game

Max level in Wild West and Wizards is level 20 but the game doesn't stop there. This past week we've been working on implementing some end game functionality so you can still earn good loot and experience a challenge past max level. As of right now, when you hit level 20 you'll have the option to transport yourself into an alternate dimension version of the game that looks much the same, except the enemies and treasure chests are all scaled up much higher. You'll also be able to continue to earn xp and every level you would gain past level 20 will earn you a random reward including new gear, weapons, or a rare upgrade orb. In addition to that, you'll be able to level your items a few levels past level 20 using brand new and rare upgrade orbs only attainable in the alternate dimension. 

We will still be adding more to the end game in the future including more unique loot, bosses, and content. 

Map and Travel Changes

We've also recently been working on finishing up the map implementation and changing some travel functionality. You can now zoom all the way out of your map and see any teleport runes you've unlocked. You can then travel to them from anywhere. This way you don't have to unnecessarily travel back to town to be able to use a teleport rune. This helps a lot in preventing you from having to back track over areas you've been too often. 

Weapon Chests

Another new change we've made recently is the addition of weapon chests. You can now find weapon key fragments on enemies every once in a while. If you collect five of these, a blacksmith can craft them into a tiered weapon key for you. These then can be used to open weapon chests scattered throughout the world that guarantee you a weapon drop. 

Other Changes

In addition to adding some new options and settings, we've also added the ability to set your own custom keybinds. This was a big requested feature so we were happy to get this in before launch! 
We've also added the ability to store your items by talking to any banker in town. And of course we've been consistently adding new quests and points of interests, as well as bug fixes and balancing changes. 

As always thank you for reading and we'd love to hear your feedback!

Dev Update: New Bounties, Quests, Lore, And More!

Howdy everyone!

Hope you all a good fourth of July. Here's a quick run down on what we've been working on the past few weeks. Our main goal as of right now is focusing on balancing and bug fixes to prep for the early access launch, but we're also sprinkling in new content as well.

New Bounties

Last week added a new bounty to each town in the game. When you stroll into a new settlment you'll find a bounty board with a wanted poster on it. You can pick up these posters and it'll start a quest to find and hunt down a certain outlaw. Completing these quests will award you gold, upgrade orbs, quest xp, and sometimes unique items. These named outlaws are often found in camps, caves, and other places. We'll be adding more of these bounties after early access launch but we wanted to make sure that each town had it least one wanted quest for you to find. 

New Quests

We also recently added a new puzzle cave area of the game called The Prophet's Sanctum. This is related to a longer quest line requiring you to track down a secret cult and stop them from...well I'll let you figure out the rest once you play. This area adds new puzzles, enemies, and some unique rewards. 


This past week we also added a lot of new journals and lore books. Now you'll often find small journals and notes at bandit camps, houses, and other places. Sometimes these are simply just the writings of a disgruntled old outlaw, but other times these can hint at unique items buried or hidden nearby. In addition to journals we've also added excerpts from larger texts hinting to some of the back story of the game. 

Other Changes

In addition to new content , we also added in Steam Cloud saving. So now your games will be saved in the cloud. We've also been working on a lot of bug fixes, balancing, and optimization to prepare for early access launch. We want the launch to be smooth as possible, and while I'm sure there will still be bugs we've missed, we're trying to make sure we get everything we can smooth and polished.

As always thank for reading and we'd love your feedback!  

Dev Update: New Guns, UI Work, Quests, and More!

Hey everyone!

It's been a busy few weeks over at Lavaboots. We're trying to go through the game and polish, update, and fix everything we can before an early access launch. We feel the game has a good bit of content at the moment and so our focus is making sure we have all the necessary systems in place and that the game is as balanced and bug free as possible.

Here's a look at some things we've been working on recently!

New Guns

If you've been following Wild West and Wizards, then you know one major aspect of the game is loot. We want there to be a ton of loot and for you to get excited when you open a chest or defeat a boss. We've spent a lot of time adding in different rarities of armor, weapons, and abilities. Most commonly you'll find armor but rarely you'll get a new gun upgrade or a new ability. On top of that, because we have our item level system, you'll be able to spend your gold and upgrade your abilities as you level. 

So for example let's you see find a rare shotgun that you really like at level 7, but then at level 12 it's starting to lag behind some of the current guns you're using. With our item upgrade system, you can level that gun up so it can stay current and powerful with your level. You can also level up armor and abilities. 

Over the last few weeks our main focus as far as loot goes has been adding new weapons. We've been working on adding some static weapon drops at bosses and also a pool of uncommon and rare weapons you can loot from chests. There are currently six weapon types in the world: revolvers, shotguns, double barrel shotguns, sawed off double barrel shotguns, rifles, and repeaters. Within each of those categories we've got different rarities, colors, and stats. Each gun functions differently as far as damage, range, rate of fire, bullet spread, etc. 

Overall we're pretty happy with the current pool of loot (over 300 items and counting) but we will continually be adding more as the game develops. 

UI Updates

We want your experience playing the game to be as easy and intuitive as possible, so we've been doing some work on the UI to make that happen. We've added functionality where you can now pretty much drag and drop an item wherever you want and that there are multiple ways to do things so it's easy to figure out. We've also rearranged some things such as your utility bar and added text to let you know that you can hold certain buttons to open your radial menus. This is an area we'll likely keep updating as we get more feedback but we wanted it to be in a good place at launch and be easy to figure out. 

We've also starting working on a settings menu to let you adjust audio, graphics, and things of that nature! 

New Quests

As always we try to continually add new quests and things to do in the game with each update. We've recently added more quests to the starting area of the game to help you get acquainted with some of the mechanics and to earn some decent loot to get you started on your adventure. In addition to that we've added in a recommended level feature so when you obtain a quest, you can see what level you want to be before attempting it. Some quests may require you to travel farther into the world to some dangerous areas and this will help you know what you're getting into. 

Ice Wizards

We've recently added ice wizards as an enemy that can spawn in addition to the fire wizards. Since magic is a big part of the game, we want enemies to have different abilities they can use on you. This means now you have to watch for wizards casting fireballs that can do damage over time, or wizards casting ice shards that can slow down your movement speed. This is an area we're still updating so that we can have more enemy ability variations in the future. 

Optimization and Bug Fixes

When making a large open world it's very easy to lose performance quickly when developing. There's a ton of things going on all around you and you have to optimize it in a way where it looks good but still runs smooth. We've spent a lot of time doing everything we can to make sure the game runs as good as possible. We use some streaming systems and other things so that you can see far out into the world but it won't bog down your performance. Recently we updated pretty much all building interiors to be their own "loadable" area which has helps a great deal in towns as far as performance goes. We've also built some systems to limit how far away AI will spawn which has also helped quite a bit. 

In addition to optimization we've also fixed a ton of bugs. We've pretty much been playing through as much of the game as possible looking for any issues and trying to polish it up. Our main focus is always to fix any major or game-breaking bugs, but since we've got most of those under control, we've been able to polish and fix a lot more minor things as well. 

Other Changes

Some other things we've been working on include new music and balancing. We're still adding more music to the game but our main focus has been making sure towns have music, bosses have music, and that there are some song variations when exploring the wilds. In addition to that we're still spending a good bit of time balancing the game such as enemy health and damage, how many enemies there are, and what kind of stats the player has as well. 

Thank you for your reading and as always we'd love to hear your feedback! 

Dev Update: Scorpions, New Quests, and New Weapons!

Howdy everyone!

We wanted to give you a quick update at we've been working on over the past few weeks and also an update on release time. Our current goal is to release sometime this summer into early access. The game is in a great state but we're still polishing out content, balancing, and fixing as many bugs as possible before launch. Even though it'll be an early access launch, we want to make sure it's a smooth and polished gameplay experience for you.

With that said, here's a look at just some of the content we've been working on recently!


Now throughout the world you can find scorpions wandering the wilds ready to attack! We believe that there's a good balance between exploration, combat, and quests. Adding in some creatures like scorpions help us achieve that balance. We don't want you to be overstimulated with constant outlaws and bandit camps, but we also don't want super long stretches of the world where you don't encounter enemies. Adding in scorpions helps us make this feel a bit more dynamic. You may be out in the wilderness exploring and instead of hitting yet another camp of outlaws, you might see a scorpion roaming around or be surprised by one shooting poison at you from the bushes. 

There are also multiple scorpion types and some of the rare ones, while more difficult, will offer good loot drops and therefore a reason to hunt for them. 

New Quests

One of our main focuses with this game is to make sure there is a ton of content for you to experience. And as such we are always working on adding new quests. We have tried to strike a balance between quests you get from an NPC, and quests you find naturally while exploring. For example, you may enter a new town and discover there's been a murder and the sheriff wants you to investigate it and track down the killer. Or you may be exploring the wild and come across a graveyard with a rare ability scroll requiring you to complete a puzzle to unlock it. This balance between natural discoveries and quests found through NPCs is something we are always trying to refine but we feel like it's coming along well. 

New Weapons

This game at its core is about exploration, and of course, loot. Loot is very important in a game like this and so we're trying to constantly create new pieces of armor and weapons for you to find. Here's how the loot loop is working as of right now. Most bandit camps or bosses you find can drop a random piece of armor. Armor has different rarities, stats, and an item level that fit different playstyles. You'll find new armor pretty consistently and a lot of your time will be spent taking the armor that fits your playstyle to blacksmiths in order to upgrade its level and stats. 

Weapons and abilities however, are a bit more rare. When you find a new weapon or ability, it really means something. We want it to be exciting to get a new revolver or shotgun, and for it to be alongside you for a decent bit of the journey. That being said, we are adding a decent variety of weapons scattered throughout the world so be sure and explore every nook and cranny to collect them all. Different weapons will be like armor in that they have varying stats, but can also vary in ways such as reload speed, bullet spread, damage drop off, and things like that. 

Other Changes

In addition to the content mentioned above we've also been spending a lot of time balancing the game, fixing bugs, working on performance, and other under the hood tweaks to make the game polished and run well. This is still a work in progress as the world is very large and there's a lot to take into account when trying to polish and balance it. Overall it's coming along great though. 

As always thanks for reading and we'd love to hear your feedback! 

Dev Update: Teleport Runes, Character Creation, Music, and More!

Hey everyone!

We've been working on a lot of fun new updates for the game and want to share some of that with you. Every week we're getting closer to an early access release date and will be announcing that soon. Our main focus is to make sure the game is polished and a fun experience before releasing. We realize that early access is expected to be less than perfect, but we still want to make it the best we can and make sure you have a lot of fun with your first experience.

Don't forget also you can now wishlist the game on Steam!

With that said, here's a look at some of the things we've been working on the past few weeks!

Teleport Runes

When playtesting we realized our world is pretty big and we wanted a nice balance between having to walk places but also some fast travel systems to avoid frustration. We generally want to avoid the concept of being able to fast travel anywhere, as it kind of cheapens the exploration. But on the other end of that it can be frustrating to have to go way back to town to upgrade gear, buy supplies, turn in quests, and so forth. 

So we've designed two basic travel systems for the time being. The first are bindstones. Each town in the game (there are six) will have a bindstone. You can interact with it and bind yourself to that location. This means you can use a return-to-home spell and instantly travel back to the place you last binded too. This is helpful as a big part of the game is returning to towns to level up gear, spells, replenish your stock, and turn in quests. However, there are still large expanses of the world where there are no towns and so we wanted a way outside of bindstones to be able to travel quickly to certain areas. This is where teleport runes come in. 

You can now find teleport runes in some places in the world. These are different than bindstones in that you have to be at a teleport rune in order to travel to another. You also have to unlock them before you can travel them. Each town wizard will have one but there will also be a few spread throughout the world. We're keeping them far enough part so there's still a good bit of exploration required. And not all teleport runes are easy to find. This way they are more of a reward for exploration rather than a way to avoid it.

We are still eventually planning to add a train system that you can actually ride in real time, but we wanted travel runes and bindstones in the meantime to act as a way to travel long distances later in the game.

Character Creation

Every good rpg needs a character creation system and so we've also been working on a system to allow you to create multiple characters, pick your class, and name your character. While we will likely only have one class at early access launch, we will be adding many more later and so you're going to want to create multiple new characters to test out the new classes. Eventually we'd like to add a way to see and customize some visuals of your character as well.


Every game deserves good music and so we've been working hard to make sure this game has the right balance between environmental ambiance and music. Some of the systems we've implemented recently are exploration music, new town music, and combat music. We've also set up a custom system to handle boss music so you can really feel epic when taking on unique enemies. 


A huge part of our work over the past couple of weeks has been balancing the game. The max player level right now is level 20. Your armor, spells, and weapons can also be leveled. And on top of that there will be various levels of enemies. We've been working a lot to make sure the natural progression of the game feels balanced so you actually feel like you're getting more powerful, but not so much that early parts of the game aren't fun anymore. We feel like we're honing in on a good mix of difficulty and player progression but of course we look forward to getting feedback from the community and further updating this system in the future as needed.

Other Changes

In addition to the content mentioned above, we've also been working on our map system and new loot chests. The map system allows you to see what you've uncovered in each zone and gives you an idea of where points of interest are in the world. The new loot chests are different tiered chests that can drop high level gear depending on where you are in the world. As you adventure into higher level areas, the chances for higher level loot chests increase and as such, a chance at rare or even epic gear. 

Not only have we added new loot but we've also added a lot of fun new quests. This is an area we'll also be continually updating after early access launch. Right now our goal is to have a good base number of quests, puzzles, and things to discover, but we'll be expanding upon that a lot as we update the game. 

As always thank you for reading and we'd love to hear your feedback!