Dev Update: Rivers, Item Leveling, Cellars, and More!

Howdy everyone!

It's been a busy few weeks at Lavaboots and we've got a ton of new changes to talk about. So with that said let's dive right in!

Water and Forest Work

One major addition we've been working on recently is the water and river system. Now in certain parts of the world you can find a small river running through the wild. This adds a lot to the visuals and also allows us to implement some unique gameplay features in the future. You can also go under the water though we still have to write a system to handle swimming. 

In addition to adding water to the forest we are still working on expanding the forest zone as well. It's been one of my favorite zones to explore so far and it's been truly fun designing it. 

Item Outline Effect and UI Changes

The last few weeks we've also been working on polishing up our UI. This includes not only adding better visuals but also adding features like a stats window. The stats window is exciting because it really helps us double down on the RPG elements of the game. 

We've also added a feature where items you can pick up or interact with will now have a glowing outline around them when you get close enough. This is small touch but helps to make the gameplay feel more intuitive.

Item Leveling and Upgrade System

One feature we are excited about is the ability to upgrade your items. We are using an item leveling system in the game so you can keep finding new and exciting loot throughout your adventure. We also wanted a way for you to upgrade items. This means if you find an epic pair of boots at a lower level and you still want to use them later, there is a system in place to upgrade them.

Cellars and Bullet Types

This week we've also added cellars to some cabins in the world and we will be adding them to other places as well. In addition to that we've been working on getting new interior models for cabins and stores to help make the world feel more immersive.

We've also added in different bullet types for each gun, some of which are more powerful and have different effects than others. You can switch these bullet types out mid-game fairly easily as well!

As always we'd love to hear your feedback and thanks for reading!

This Week at Lavaboots: Forest World Building, UI Work, and Audio!

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to give a quick update on some of the things we've been working on the past couple of weeks. Mostly we are still focused on world building and adding mechanics needed to actually play the game. We've also started to do more work on the UI and some other neat things.

Here's a quick look:

Forest World Building

About a month ago we started working on a brand new zone in the world. The new zone is a dense forest filled with tons of hills, mountains, and a lot of hidden points of interest. We're still working on this as it is a rather large zone and we're really excited for you to explore it! The forest is somewhere we want you to get lost in and so we're working hard to put lots of paths, twists, turns, and secrets everywhere. 

UI Work

This week we've also been working a lot on getting the UI setup and functioning for things like merchant mechanics, an in-game map, item rarities, dialogue, and things of that nature. A big part of Wild West and Wizards will be getting loot, buying from merchants, talking to NPCs, and so we wanted to make sure that is a clean and polished experience. 

Audio and Music

In addition to UI work and world building, we've also started working on getting sound effects and music in! We've got a ton of new music for this game that we are excited about, and each town will have its own music as well. This week we also added a fun little discovery sound and a text pop up when discover a new point of interest! 

As always thanks for reading and we'd love to hear your feedback! 

This Week at Lavaboots: The Forest, Merchants, and Mechanics

 Hey everyone!

This week we've been working on more world building and lots of systems and mechanics. Every week Wild West and Wizards gets closer to a release state and we're excited to share the journey of development with you and get your feedback! Our primary focus at this stage of development is getting the core gameplay loop down and making sure all of the mechanics and systems needed are in. In addition to that we're also still building the (rather large) world and are working on various zones for you to explore!

Here's a quick look at what we've been working on this week.

The Forest Zone

As you may know, in Wild West and Wizards you will start in the desert and have much to explore there. We are working hard to really chock it full of cliffs, caves, and lots of points of interest so that it'll take some time to actually explore all the desert has to offer. That being said, we wanted some other zones for you to explore as well. If you follow the blog you probably saw the last couple weeks we spent a lot of time working on a new plains zone. Well in addition to that, we are also adding a forest zone! These areas really help to make the world a lot bigger, and also allow for unique visual and theme changes to keep exploration fresh and fun. 

The forest zone will be very dense and distance visibility will be limited unlike the plains and desert zone. We want you to really be able to get lost in the forest and have to search to find all the points of interest. We are still working on the zone and while all the zones have more to go as far as polish, it's coming along quite well. 

Merchants and Mechanics

As we've said before we've also been working on getting all the systems needed in to go through the core gameplay loop. This week we've implemented various systems such as respawning, merchant mechanics, saving systems such as player location, and resting mechanics. We've also done a good bit of optimization work this week which tremendously helped performance. Good optimization is very important to us in this game and we want to make sure the player can travel a large open world without feeling bogged down in frames. 

Thanks for reading and as always we'd love to hear your feedback! 

This Week at Lavaboots: World Buidling, XP, and Loot!

Howdy everyone!

We wanted to go over some of the things we've been working on this week for our upcoming game, Wild West and Wizards! As you know we officially announced the title about a week ago and we want to update our development blog pretty consistently so you can follow what's going on with the game.

This week we've been working on a variety of mechanics, systems, and other things to get the core gameplay loop down. Our goal right now is mainly implementing and testing a lot of the mechanics required to simply play the game. This includes things like dialogue, quest systems, xp, looting mechanics, combat, etc.. Here's a look at what we've been working on this week!

World Building - The Plains Zone 

In addition to the desert zone in the world, we are also adding a plains area. This will be mostly grassland and give off a much different vibe than the desert. The desert will be very rocky and dense with content, whereas the plains will be more like open fields with the points of interest spread out a bit more. Both areas are pretty large and there will be a lot to discover as well secrets scattered throughout! 

XP and Talents

One goal with Wild West and Wizards is for it to really have an RPG and fantasy-like feel in a western setting. A couple elements we are adding to help with this feeling are experience and a talent system. You will be able to level up by getting experience and earn certain unique talents. While the exact design of this is still being worked out, we did implement a lot of mechanics needed for this to work this week. 

Enemies and Loot

This week we also worked on setting up some basic enemies and making them drop loot. We've been doing a good bit of work with systems and mechanics to get the looting working correctly with your inventory, the save system, and things of that nature. We actually spent a good bit of time early on in development working on our combat and enemy system, but we've still got a little bit of work left to put the final polish on it. Our main goal within that context this week was getting the looting mechanics working. 

That's the core of what we've been working on this week in addition to fixing bugs and polishing up things here and there. We've also added in some new building models and other content like that. Thanks for reading and stay on the lookout for more updates in the future! 

A First Look At Wild West and Wizards!

Hey everyone!

We are excited to finally announce our upcoming project, Wild West and Wizards! We started working on the game early this year and have really tried to get some of the foundation work done before announcing it. We still have a lot of work and content to add and don’t have a release time yet. However, we wanted to include the community on the development of the game so you can see what’s going on behind the scenes and give us your feedback!

We firmly believe games are made better by getting feedback from the community and so we want to do that every step of the way.

If you'd like to see some exploration gameplay, you can check that out here!

What is Wild West and Wizards? 

Well, put simply it’s an open world western rpg that lets you use spells in addition to being a gunslinger. We’ve always liked the idea of taking traditional fantasy rpg elements and putting them in non-traditional settings. We’ve already done a lot of work so far getting the combat system set up to handle and guns and spells and I’ve gotta say, it feels pretty good! We can’t wait to show you more of the combat as we get it a bit more polished. In addition to the magic element, the game will heavily focus around exploring the world, gathering quests, fighting enemies, getting loot, and leveling up your character. We are building this world by hand so we can create an exciting and dangerous open world to explore!

What are we currently working on? 

Over the past few months we’ve been working hard to get a lot of the core content in the game. We’ve got the basics of a lot of systems in including combat, settlements, dialogue systems, npc pathfinding, world building, day/night cycle, and a lot of behind the scenes systems. Right now we are heavily in the process of building the world and placing things for the player to discover throughout the wild west. We are also working on tailoring the player experience and adding in mechanics needed to explore the desert.

What features are planned? 

We’ve got a lot of features planned for the game but we want to be conservative and limit our scope. Our main focus is to get the core elements in and fully polished. Some features we still need to implement include a traveling system, quest system, fully polishing combat, talents and leveling, and other things. The best place to keep track of what we’re working on week by week is here on our development blog.

We are really excited for this project and hope you are too!

If you are interested in knowing more, feel free to sign up for our newsletter here or follow on our social media pages to get consistent updates and leave us feedback on the game. Thanks for reading!