Dev Update: New Points of Interests, New Weapons, Combat Changes, and More!

March 15, 2019 willsterling23 0 Comments

Howdy everyone!

It's been a busy few weeks over at Lavaboots and we've got a lot of fun new changes we want to talk about. First however we just want to say thanks to everyone following the game and for your feedback and support. Games cannot be made without their supportive communities and we feel like we have one of the best.

Alright let's dive into some new changes!

New Points of Interests

One of the main areas of focus right now is still adding tons of new points of interests, quests, puzzles, and just things for you to do in general. We've got the world pretty much built from an environmental standpoint, but now we're going through and adding content for you to experience. This week we finished adding most points of interest to the desert biome and now we are moving on to the forest. Some of the points of interest you can expect to find are merchants, bandit camps, churches, caves, abandoned houses, towns, and a lot of secret places as well. While some areas are shorter than others, you'll come across some places that are full of intricate puzzles, challenges, and loot! 

New Weapons and Clothes

In addition to working on things to do in the world, we also want there to be fun things to loot! Looting is a huge aspect of our game and we'll have the traditional RPG rarity system as well as item levels for loot. Over the past couple of weeks we worked on creating three new weapon types: the double barrel shotgun, the rifle, and repeater. Each gun feels very different and adds a unique playstyle whether it be up close and personal, or taking enemies out from a distance. We've also updated the hand models to look better with the new weapons!

On top of that we also finished getting our new clothing models implemented as well as hair and beard models. While this is something we will likely be expanding on in the future, we wanted a decent base of clothing and hair styles so you can customize your character and feel unique. This also helps us create more varied NPCs and enemies throughout the world. 

Combat Changes

As I stated earlier we've been adding points of interest to world. We've also been adding enemies and enemy camps. A lot time has been spent deciding what level we want enemies to be in certain areas and things of that nature. In addition to that we've worked on new enemy types and unique loot drops. 

Also we've done some work on new behaviors such as dodging. Enemies can sometimes sidestep shots or spell attacks now. Also there are new enemy types such as shotgun enemies that will act differently and be more aggressive. 

Additional Changes

We've also been doing a ton of work on other small things such as performance improvements, UI and icon updates, and under the hood tweaks. We want to have a big world full of stuff to do but we also want it to be a seamless and smooth experience. As such we are working hard on making sure the game runs well and loads everything smoothly. 

Thank you all so much again for reading and as always we would love to hear your feedback!