Wild West and Wizards Early Access Launch

August 29, 2019 willsterling23 0 Comments

Howdy everyone!

We are so excited to be releasing this game for you all and can’t wait for you to start your journey. 

Here’s a quick link to our launch trailer if you’d like to see what the gameplay is all about. 

A Look At What’s To Come

As you start your adventure in the wild west you’ll be set free to explore at your own pace and discover the world of outlaws and wizards. There are three huge zones for you to explore: the desert, plains, and the forest. Each zone has quests, tons of points of interests, loot, puzzles, and secrets to discover. Here’s a look at just some of the content we plan on adding during the early access period. 

- More player classes and abilities
- More enemy types and AI improvements
- Additional end-game content with a quest line, multiple new dungeons, and bosses
- More clothing models and other visual assets
- More quests and points of interests to discover
- Bug fixes and polishing

Current Features

Cast Your Spells - Learn new abilities, cast an array of unique spells, and become the most powerful wizard in the west.

Discover the World - Explore a vast re-imagined wild west with over a hundred points of interests including homes, settlements, bandit camps, churches, cemeteries, caves, and more! All filled with quests, secrets, and puzzles.

Shoot and Loot - Loot tons of rare armor, weapons, and gold earning your fortune as you fight bosses, find secret treasure chests, and complete quests.

Customize Your Character - Level up your character and unlock new talents unique to your chosen class.

Stop by the Saloon - Discover towns and settlements filled with people, quests, and unique items to buy.

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